Gerry Rantseli Elsdon is still one of South Africa’s prominent MC’s, as it is one of her favourite roles. She handles the job with integrity and utmost professionalism, which sees clients coming back to secure her services, again and again. Gerry Rantseli Elsdon's relaxed and personable style as an MC makes her a pleasure to work with at corporate events with Heads of State, Captains of Industry and Corporate Staffers alike. Gerry Rantseli Elsdon's ability to interact with her audience, her infectious laugh and bubbly personality adds to her popularity as a speaker and facilitator.

Gerry Rantseli Elsdon


Coaching is the process of improvement. If you have any area in your life that you are not fully satisfied with and you would like to improve it, then you should consider coaching.

Coaching is a powerful development tool for any individual who seeks to enhance their performance and is highly effective in developing individuals who wish to access untapped potential and under-utilised strengths. Whether you are busy with life coaching, executive leadership, business or team coaching, Gerry Rantseli Elsdon is the coach for YOU!!!!!

Gerry Rantseli Elsdon


Being a businesswoman, and the CEO of a thriving communications company makes Gerry Rantseli Elsdon the ideal candidate for your team build.

Gerry Rantseli Elsdon will facilitate a range simple bonding exercises to complex scenarios - getting your team working side by side to solve these problems.

For more information on how Gerry Rantseli Elsdon can fit into your event, simply complete the online request form.

Gerry Rantseli Elsdon


After numerous motivational speaking engagements, Gerry felt the need to build on the fundamental goodness of our society and create opportunities through which women can benefit, grow and thrive by taking advantage of the wisdom of other women in the greater community.As a motivational speaker Gerry Rantseli Elsdon now has the opportunity to share her inspirational story with women of all walks of life – in doing so she encourages them to reach for, and touch the stars. She also conducts grooming and presentation workshops under the Gerry Rantseli Elsdon and Friends banner, an area in which she excels.Gerry Elsdon has become a highly sort after speak and meeting facilitator. Gerry Rantseli Elsdon sees herself also expanding her role in and getting involved in Speech Topics such as:

Flying without Wings

Get Fired Up Without Burning Out

What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

The Goddess within

Every girl has 2 Sides

Discovering your True Purpose

Gerry Rantseli Elsdon